Relocating to the 'Suburbs' of Albuquerque

The straight scoop on relocating to the areas surrounding Albuquerque, New Mexico from a REALTOR®, Mom of 3 boys and wife who relocated from Seattle, WA to Rio Rancho, NM.

Episode 5: Looking Ahead and Moving On…

As the month of May progressed, I started getting all of my ducks in a row, so to speak. I researched the registration process for the kids’ new schools in … Continue reading

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Episode 4: 2012…A Relocation Odyssey

As 2012 rolled around, I was more determined than ever that, come hell or high water, this would be the year that we moved to New Mexico. One voice of … Continue reading

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Episode 3: I Pledge…to Make this Move!

For the next 3-1/2 years, my husband Erik and I had our hearts set on getting a transfer to New Mexico through his job with the US Postal Service. He … Continue reading

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Episode 2: Telling the Kids…

“Hey, kids, let’s go upstairs for a family meeting!” Leading lambs to the slaughter? Not so much, but in a way, it felt like that was exactly what we were about … Continue reading

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Episode 1: Rio Rancho or Bust…

The next day, I woke up bright and early and decided to do a quick Internet search of real estate in the Albuquerque area. Keeping in mind my husband’s stated … Continue reading

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Prologue: The Suburbs of Albuquerque?!?

So you’re probably wondering…the suburbs of Albuquerque? Is that what Bugs Bunny meant when he said he should’ve made that left turn? Probably so, and, in my humble opinion, for … Continue reading

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Intro: Your Relocation Tour Guide, Alayna Setter

Eight years ago, my husband and I made the life changing decision to relocate our family from the Pacific Northwest to the desert Southwest. Now, I am here to help you … Continue reading

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